Custom Development And Systems Interfaces

Our clients choose to build custom software and digital solutions for their most strategic operations to be in the forefront of the competition, to maintain control on the solutions put in place, but above all, to support a growth requiring constant change.
At Metam, we help our clients develop customized solutions by analyzing their current needs while taking into account future growth in order to build scalable and extensible solutions.

Custom Development

Niche digital solutions

Our clients benefit from our technical expertise as well as our business process management skills in order to design and develop innovative solutions and solve complex business problems. At Metam, we minimize implementation and operation costs thanks to Metam’s Delivery Methodology. We also stay available for our clients post delivery by constantly improving the solutions implemented in order to maintain them at the cutting edge of technology and to maximize their ROI.

System Interface

Interface your Best-in-Breed

Many of our clients adopt the best-in-breed digital strategy choosing the best products to fit their business requirements. We help our clients integrate their different products and solutions using our interfacing tools for cloud based as well as on premise solutions. We have built strategies and scalable designs that will allow you to accelerate your integration project and be ready for future acquisitions and deprecations as business evolves.

Enterprise Architecture

Equip the today and design the future

Our Enterprise Architecture service is the answer to the critical questions all companies should be asking before starting their digitalization project: Do we really need this solution? Should we acquire it or custom develop it? Should it be on the Cloud or On Premise? How will if fit within our digital ecosystem? The Enterprise Architecture Design will help specify the Technologies to implement, their supporting Platforms and especially the Fundamental Strategies that will model them.

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